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Light Tandem Rollers

multipac small loaders logo for light compaction

Experience Maximum Productivity & Efficiency with Multipac’s Light Compaction Range!

Multipac’s - Light Compaction machinery, features a range of high-performance models for various compaction applications. The T10HW, T10HPW, T15HR and T10H are designed to deliver maximum productivity and efficiency, with features including powerful engines, high centrifugal force, low fuel consumption and low vibration.
Whether you're working in tight and confined spaces or need a machine for heavy-duty applications, Multipac has a solution to meet your needs. Experience the benefits of these innovative machinery models and take your compaction game to the next level.

Light Compaction
Light Compaction - Multipac T15HR Trench Roller
New- Multipac T15HR Trench Roller
Light Tandem Rollers
Pad Foot Roller
New- Multipac T10HPW Walk Behind Pad foot Roller
Light Tandem Rollers
Multipac T10HW Walk Behind Roller
New- Multipac T10HW Walk-Behind Roller
Light Tandem Rollers
New Multipac T10H Tandem Roller
New- Multipac T10H Tandem Roller

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