Single Drum Rollers & Soil Compactors 

The new Multipac H- Series  Single Drum Vibrating rollers provides industry-leading compaction outputs for challenging all job sites across any road construction sector. Faster compaction values are reached whilst maintaining high manoeuvrability and stability at low-running cost.  The operating station allows for perfect all-round visibility for increased safety on job sites along with ergonomic operator controls for maximum precision and performance.                                   
  • Powerful Cummins engine meets Euro Stage IIIA & Stage IV emission standards and offers high reliability and performance.
  • The Cabin is simply built around the operator prioritising in lager cabin space with superb ergonomics.Features such as rotating seat and joystick controls, enhanced air conditioning and ventilation along with superior visibility.
  • Compaction output reaches higher amplitudes and centrifugal forces along with optimum frequencies and static linear loads.
  • Servicing is far more efficient and cost effective due to the faster access to all components in the engine bay.
  • The machine offers a three step shock absorption mechanism. It's also equipped with mechanical damping devices to further improve the shock-absorbing effect and extend the service life of the shock absorption blocks.
  • Fully hydro Static 4 speed Drive system with traction control.
  • ECO Mode for increased fuel savings 
  • Traction Control Mode 
  • Anti spin LSD Axles to take on harsh terrains and steep grades.
  • MOBA State of the art compaction metering system for increased productivity.All vibration values and parameters are displayed and recorded to maximise productivity and efficiency. 
  • Powerful low cost, environment friendly engine.
  • 3 point Pivot Articulation joint for increased manoeuvrability and stability.
  • Vibration chamber Fan-cooling-technology keeps temperature 25 degrees below industry standard, prolonging component life and reduces maintenance.





The Multipac H-Series adopts MOBA compaction technologies to control compaction performances.

Multipac's  MCA-500 monitors compaction during the job,thus improving the compaction result.Over and under-compaction are avoided ,factors that lead to premature wear, or potholes. The system is cost-effective , economically and easy to operate with a self- explanatory symbol language. 

The MCA-500 can be used both in earthworks and road construction. The system displays the ICV )intelligent Compaction Value.) frequency and amplitude, as well as jump function and compaction. As a special feature for asphalt paving, the system also uses an infrared sensor to detect the asphalt temperature, enabling compaction in the optimum temperature range.



















Cummins Tier III

Cummins Tier III

Cummins Tier III

Cummins Tier III

Cummins Tier III

Cummins Tier III

Cummins Tier III

Cummins Tier III

Cummins Tier III

Cummins Tier III

Cummins Tier III

Cummins Tier III


12.5 tonne

12.8 tonne

13.5 tonne

13.8 tonne

15.4 tonne

15.8 tonne

18.5 tonne

18.9 tonne

19.9 tonne

20.5 tonne

12.5 tonne

24.5 tonne


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Note: All Multipac H series models ranging from 12 - 24 tonne are available with Bolt on Pad Shell Kits.