Eurotrac     W-Series Compact Mini Loaders 

The Eurotrac Mini Loaders are designed with a compact and low centre of gravity which makes working in tough demanding terrain uncompromising and safe without risk of tipping. With an articulated  steering system this allows for allows for optimal stability regardless of the terrain therefore  making the Eurotrac exceptional easy and safe to handle.

Boasting a Powerful Powertrain and hydrostatic 4WD system allowing for superior performance and reliability. Eurotrac Mini Loaders are designed and handled the same way as larger wheel loaders with the driver seat and operating station positioned at the rear frame this makes the mini loader smoother and easier to handle and also allows for increased pushing and breakout force. Driving becomes safer and more controlled and the work can be executed more effectively even in cramped narrow spaces.

The Eurotrac W-Series mini loaders are comprised with high quality materials and components to provide robust and durable loaders for all conditions year after year. The compact and strong construction of the lifting boom and front frame makes the machine stable and well balanced. A centred boom provides durability and unbeatable durability. 

Attack any job at hand with an abundance of working attachments available with all Eurotrac W series models. 












Kubota  25HP     Tier 4 

Kubota  25-32HP     Tier 4 

Electric  400AMP Lithium Battery 

Kubota 38HP      Tier 4 

Kubota 38HP      Euro Stage 5

Yanmar 50HP      Tier 4 

Yanmar 50HP      Euro Stage 5 

Yanmar 50HP      Tier 4


 weight 1200kg    0.3m bucket 

 weight 1700kg    0.3m bucket 

 weight 2000kg    0.3m bucket 

 weight 2300kg    0.4m bucket 

 weight 2300kg    0.4m bucket 

weight 3300kg     0.5m bucket 

weight 3300kg     0.5m bucket 

 weight 3600kg    0.5m bucket 


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