The H-Series compact range of vibrating compaction equipment covers the broarder spectrum of all your compaction requirements for smaller jobs in more confined areas. From Vibrating Tandem Rollers ranging from 1 - 5 tonne to compact Combination tandem Rollers, Pad Foot Single DrumVibrating Rollers , Remote Control Trench Compactors and forward and reversable Plate Compactors.


Model   EngineDescription     Brochure
TR15HPYANMAR Tandem Remote Trench Pad Compactor        1.5 tonne 
TR08HYANMARTandem Remote Trench Compator             700 - 870kg 
T08HYANMAR Tandem Walk Behind Compactor               700 - 960kg 
T30HPYANMAR   Tier 4 Single Pad Trench Compactor                          3 tonne 
TC30HYANMAR   Tier 4Combination Tandem Roller                              3 tonne  
T10HYANMAR   Tier 4Vibrating Tandem Roller                                    1 tonne 
T15HYANMAR   Tier 4Vibrating Tandem Roller                                 1.5 tonne 
T30HYANMAR   Tier 4 Vibrating Tandem Roller                                    3 tonne 
T40HYANMAR   Tier 4 Vibrating Tandem Roller                                    4 tonne